Who’s The Best Bond?

Lots of good choices. We know Connery is the default go to. Brosnan is basically the Connery for kids who discovered Bond in the 90s. And the current guy, Mr. Craig is not too shabby either.

But, we’ll throw in a dark horse vote for the late Sir Roger Moore. Silly at times, yes (ok, well most the time) but always fun. 

Nobody quite pulled off crazy dialogue like Sir Roger. Or rocked the full-on Bond bell- bottoms. Yes, perhaps his tenure was a bit too long (by the mid-80s, the believability was getting stretched). OK, ok. Maybe not the best Bond.

But maybe an underrated one. Lets be honest too, as in importance to the franchise, he has a case for most important. If no one succeeded Connery with any success, who knows if the Bond franchise would exist today as it does. So we’re pouring out a vodka martini in memory of the late Roger Moore. You earned it, 007. 

Of course we’re sure lots of people have varying opinions on this one. 

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