Game Of Thrones: Crazy Fan Theories

Here goes. As the title says, lets go full fan fiction. Here are the most “fan fiction-ey” ways Game Of Thrones might end. 
1.) Bronn, Not Bran Is The Night King – That’s right. What if Bronn is actually the Night King and not Bran. Notice you never see Bronn and the Night King in the same place together? They even kind of dress alike. Eh. Sort of. 
Likelyhood: 2%. 
2.) Kal Drogo and Ned Stark Return – Just as all hope seems lost against the Night King, the ghost-wargs of Kal Drogo and Ned Stark will show up to help Jon and Dany riding Super Dire Wolves. Ice (Ned) and Fire (Drogo). Eh? Eh? Fanboy Stupidity Meter: 75%
3.) Brienne and Tormund …. and Jaimie. After the army of the Night King are (presumably) defeated, Brienne and Tormund will fall into each other’s arms and make sweet passionate love to each other. Jamie Lannister will watch from the bushes crying like a baby. 
4.) Dany Ends Up With Jorah – Hahahaha. (considers it). Hahahahahaha. No. 


Not happening, bro.

5.) Evil Aegon Shows Up – Yup, since Rhaghear and Lyanna pretty much had the imagination of a blank wall, Rhaghear had two sons named Aegon. Now supposedly the first Aegon was killed …. but maybe he wasn’t? So Bad Aegon shows up and teams up with … Cersei? 
6.) The Night King Will Marry Daneyers – To ensure peace between humans and the white walkers, Dany volunteers to marry Night King. The Night King not having gotten any since the Children of the Forest cursed him like 4000 years agrees immediately. Talk about a case of blue balls. 
7.) The Night King Will Marry Jon Snow – Uh, well, to ensure peace between humans and white walkers … Jon Snow … volunteers to marry the Night King? Sure, why not. 
8.) The Night King Will Marry Cersei Lannister – Well this makes some sense as an alliance. The only problem is the Night King will want a divorce after realizing her heart is colder than his. 
9.) Undead Hodor Sits On the Iron Throne – After everyone kills themselves Hodor reanimates and takes over the Iron Throne, starting a new lineage of people who only speak the word “Hodor”. They also make delightful pastries instead of making war. 
10.) Bran Was Just Dreaming The Whole Time – Little Bran wakes up and it was alllll just a dream. He gets up, rushes into a room where Jamie and Cersei are uh … y’know and he gets thrown out the window all over again. 
Got any crazy fan-fiction-ey Game of Thrones ending theories? Pull up a chair and do share in our comments section below. 


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