Game Of Thrones Season 8 “Rumors”

We’re going to take a look at those alleged season 8 rumors for Game Of Thrones that have been floating around the internet.

So these we know Game of Thrones Season 7 leaks certainly happened. So it was no surprise that Season 8 alleged spoilers have come out. Are they real? Fake? We’d say there’s a good chance these are fake. It’s a good chance some over-zealous fan(s) took the Season 7 leaks and built up a phony season 8 to leak. 

That said, lets entertain them for a moment since they are fairly detailed and see what we think:

DO NOT read ahead if you don’t want potential (even fake) spoilers:


The Aftermath (Ep.1/2)  – Jon and co arrive at Winterfell and he learns the truth (duh) about his parentage. Dany notices Jon acting distant since he’s arrived home after they hooked up on the ship., Jon tells her he isn’t who he thought he was in the crypts below Winterfell. Dany is also not feeling great of late (dun, dun, dun). She’s obviously pregnant. 

Popfusi Reaction: Yeah ok. We’re with you so far, nothing too crazy.

Cersei And Euron Hook Up (Ep.1) – Euron arrives back with the Golden Company. To “seal” the union, Cersei agrees to finally sleep with Euron. Euron boasts she won’t miss her brother, but after the deed is done we see on Cersei’s face that Euron wasn’t up to par.

Popfusi Reaction: OK, we can see this happening too. 

3.) Problems For Cersei (Ep.1): Cersei wakes up to find her bed full of blood. Turns out she has miscarried.

Popfusi Reaction: The prophecy of Maggie the Frog already accounts for all of Cersei’s children dying, so yeah this makes sense. This pregnancy/child was always doomed.

Showdown At Winterfell (Ep.2): The Night King arrives at Winterfell. Dany stays inside because she’s pregnant, Jon and the rest of the company takes on the Night King. Meera comes back to help get Bran away from the Godswood, but Bran insists on staying to help Jon. He wargs into Rhaegal during the battle and fights Undead Viserion, hurting Viseroin badly and causing the Night King to flee. But the White Walkers come for Meera, who is killed. They then kill Bran, who was warged as Rhaegal, so Rhaegal falls and is killed by wights.

I go out like a chump.

Popfusi Reaction: OK, so now it gets controversial. Bran is killed in the 2nd episode? And all he does is warg Rhegal for a bit? Granted he did manage to cause the Night King to temporarily retreat but uh … not exactly a big pay off here. Ehhhhhhh. Not liking this at all. 

5.) Jaime Finally Gets A Somewhat Normal Girlfriend (Ep.3) – In a sequence during episode 3, Jamie and Brienne hook up, intercut with the wedding of Euron and Cersei. 

Popfusi Reaction: We were pulling for Brienne and Tormund to be a thing if we’re honest, but we guess this has been set up well in advance, soooo … cool? At least Jamie finally gets to have sex with a non-family member. 

6.) Westeros Battles The Night King – A pregnant Dany along with Sam, Missandei, Varys travel back to Dragonstone, permanently friend-zoned Jorah of course joins them (let it go dude, she’s having someone’s elses baby, she’s not going to fall for you). 

Jon and several of the united armies opt to lure the Night King to the Vale, while Cersei sits back scheming with the Golden Company. The Night King’s White Walker army attacks. Brienne dies fighting, Gendry throws a Dragonglass spear at Undead Viserion while Drogon (now ridden by Jon) finishes off Viserion. 

The Golden Company arrives at Dragon Stone and fight what’s left of Dany’s Unsullied and Dothraki forces, as Dany goes into labour. She gives birth to the baby — a girl, and names her Lyanna, but is in extreme pain. Varys kills her to put her out of her misery using Heartsbane (Sam’s sword). 

Arya meanwhile has snuck into King’s Landing with The Hound, and takes her revenge on Cersei by impersonating Qyburn and poisoning Cersei’s wine. Nymeria shows up and helps the Hound fight The Mountain, who gets his face burned and is left for dead.

The Golden Company overcome Dany’s forces, kill Varys and take Dany’s dead body (oh noez).

Euron arrives in King’s Landing to hear the news that Cersei has died and pretends to make a sad face. He is crowned the King of the Seven Kingdoms.

King Douchebag.

Jon arrives back in Dragonstone to learn of Dany’s death, and the little detail that he’s now a daddy with a new baby girl named Lyanna Targaryen.

Popfusi Reaction: There doesn’t seem to be a full answer here on what exactly happens to the Night King. Uh like just a minor detail? I’d assume Jon maybe takes him out? And they just give up Dany’s body to the Golden Company? That ending just seems so wrong for Danerys (it will get worse), and Euron is left as the defacto series bad guy? Varys kills Dany? Lyanna Targaryen we can see. Arya killing Cersei, ok, but it kind of violates a prophecy laid out in the books. And the Hound finally gives to his brother. Nymeria showing up is pretty cool though I guess.

Still this is starting to reek of poop. Maybe the final “alleged leaks” episode can save things?

The END (Series Finale) – Daenerys’s dead body is hung up in King’s Landing, where the awful people of King’s Landing throw crap at her corpse. 

Jon, Jamie, The Hound, Jorah battle the Golden Company in the Dragon Pit. Jamie wounds Euron badly. An injured Drogon breathes fire and inadvertently ignites wild fire under the pit. It explodes and basically they all die, consumed by wild fire. 

We flash forward several years later, where we see Tyrion, who’s now King Regent and Hand of the Queen, the little Lyanna Targaryen. Tyrion is also knocking boots with Missandei these days. She’s also helping raise the little queen these days. Lady Sansa Stark rules in the North and the Vale, and she’s married to Lord Gendry Baratheon. Edmure Tully got the Riverlands, Tyrion has Casterly Rock, The Reach is ruled by Samwell Tarly, and Iron Islands are property of Yara Greyjoy.

Then we have one final scene, where we are taken far north, in the lands of Always Winter (Canada? Probably Canada). We see a White Walker carrying the body of Bran Stark to an altar. He brings Bran back to life and puts a crown on his head. So basically he’s the new Night King and the cycle will presumably repeat.

Popfusi Response: 

If this is the ending, yeah we’re out. That would be a let down in so many ways. Yes, yes, “Game of Thrones” is not supposed to be the happiest of stories and main characters do bite the bullet in shocking ways, but this is pushing things too far for us. We hope George RR Martin has planned things out better than this. Especially to have Dany go out like that especially … it’s too ugh. Ugh! Now remember folks, these rumors are likely FALSE. So “fake” is our verdict. Lets hope anyway. 


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