Do You Miss George Lucas?

We’re not going to impose our opinion too much here, this is more to just get some feedback. Now that Disney’s done two Star Wars film and we’ve had a preview look at their third (The Last Jedi) … do you miss George Lucas? Or does the direction Disney is taking the franchise in keeping you happy?

George Lucas is the creator of Star Wars, so if you love Star Wars, he had to have done a lot right. I don’t think there’s much debate there. Where the debate tends to get dicey is discussing Lucas’ prequel trilogy which is still highly divisive these days. The last Indiana Jones (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) also received its share of backlash.

Disney’s Star Wars films have been well received commercially and critically as well. But they’ve also drawn some criticism from some for being too derivative of the original Star Wars trilogy. Are they playing things too safe? Some Star Wars fanatics have started to question Disney’s approach. We are getting more Star Wars movies these days at a more rapid pace too.

The latest Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi will release on December 15th, 2017, directed by Rian Johnson. So which do you prefer, the Lucas era, with some ups and downs, or the current Disney era? Let your thoughts be known in the poll above or leave a comment.


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