Remain Erect – Star Trek: Discovery Kicks Booty

OK, lets just get into the nitty gritty … Star Trek Discovery debuted last night and the question is: was Star Trek Discovery any good? Well there’s good news here — it wasn’t bad. Not bad at all. In fact it was pretty darn good for a first couple of cracks at the bat. 

It’s been a loooooong road … from 2003 … ok, I’ll stop.

Now there’s the obvious to consider — inaugural seasons for Trek series’ generally aren’t the greatest. If fact they usually suck donkey balls (poor Denise Crosby). Star Trek takes time to warm up and usually find its footing, but in today’s TV-sphere, that isn’t as acceptable. Shows need to kick ass straight out of the gate. 

So what works? Well in a word — Klingons. While I was kinda iffy on first leaked photos, these “rebooted” Klingons are legitimately interesting to watch in this iteration and dare I say intimidating. Unlike say, the cuddlier versions that have developed over the 80s/90s. 

Worf has really let himself go.

When Trek delves into Klingon mythos it generally is a formula for some kick ass Trek, and Discovery is definitely rides that wave for all its worth. The new-look Klingons infuse a breath of fresh air into the proceedings. 

Michael Burnham as the lead character (not being a captain and all) was alright. Her character seemed a bit all over the map, and the “I’m not all Vulcan, but not all human either!” thing is getting a bit played out we think, but OK. There’s a definite potential character arc being laid out here.

Saru, who we take it will be the new Spock/Data type of character was pretty well done. 

I’d still prefer a post Voyager/TNG-era show (a “Next-Next Generation” as it were) rather than going backwards again and back to a very gray looking ship, but it’s just good to see Star Trek back on TV. And there’s plenty of potential here based on these first two episodes. We will be back for more, lets hope this one can live long and pros — aw screw it. Just have decent ratings, ok? We need some new Trek TV in our lives. 


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